We manufacture heavy duty hydraulic hose wrap in Santa Ana. CA. Our brand name is “Pig’sTail”. We use virgin grade HDPE to make the highest quality spiral wrap on the market. We make it in black, yellow, red and blue. We also make a glow in the dark version and an MSHA approved  Fire Resistant Anti Static version (FRAS).

Our hydraulic hose wrap is extremely durable and still very flexible. It is UV resistant and has a wide temperature range (-40F – +280F). It can be used to protect hydraulic hoses from abrasion or for bundling.

Pig’sTail hydraulic hose wrap provides a quick and cost effective method for minimizing downtime on equipment.

Pig’sTail hydraulic hose wrap is designed for easy installation to existing hydraulic hoses providing protection against wear and damage caused by misuse, poor maintenance  or aggressive working environments.

We stock it in our facility and also stock it in Virginia and Houston. We sell to Wholesalers and Distributors.

spiral wrap

spiral wrap