blue hose wrap

blue hose wrap on a Baker Hughes truck

Pigs Tail Data Brochure Pig’sTail spiral wrap is a very effective product to protect hoses from abrasion. We use the highest quality HDPE which makes the product flexible and extremely durable.

“Pig’sTail” is also used for bundling hoses.

Our colored “Pig’sTail” can be used to color co-ordinate equipment.

Our spiral wrap has great temperature resistance and is also UV resistant. We double bevel the edges so it does not cut the hose or the users. Our spiral wrap is pitched so that it bends with the hose.

We sell our spiral wrap into the most extremely abrasive applications like mining, logging and agriculture. Our spiral wrap is used on the hydraulic hoses on nut shakers and it lasts an entire shake season and sometimes it makes it through two seasons.

We sell spiral wrap all across North America and into Central and South America.